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Algarve Portugal Holidays

Algarve, Portugal is Europe’s hot spot holiday destination. Are you sitting at home, drinking tea, and wondering where to spend your next holiday? Are you thinking it would be nice to visit the shore, drink wine, and be enjoying excellent seafood? You ask a friend and they tell about the marvelous time they had in Algarve, Portugal.


Algarve Portugal Holidays are filled with exciting things to do. The beautiful beaches of white sand and clear blue water with a backdrop of the wind and water carved rocks are the perfect setting for all types of water sports. You can experience swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling in the water. If in the sun and on the water is your idea of fun than kayaking, surfing, parasailing, and windsurfing are available.

So, if you are a golfer, then you can choose from 40 courses to explore in this internationally acclaimed Algarve golfing hot spot. There are coastal courses designed to challenge golf pros and amateurs alike. The climate is generally mild most of the year, and that makes it a perfect go-to golfing destination. Several of the hotels offer tennis courts as well as golf courses if you enjoy swinging a racket.

Algarve is an outdoor enthusiast dream holiday. If you love nature and enjoy outdoor activities, you have chosen the right place to visit. Envision walking, hiking, horseback riding, or biking on numerous trails located in the region. If you are more of a thrill seeker than rock climbing, wake-boarding, kite surfing, paragliding, and zip wiring give you the adrenaline rush you enjoy.

For a family outing or the young at heart, Algarve offers zoos, theme parks, and water parks. Boat trips are available for coastline cave excursions as well as trips to see sea life such as whales and dolphins.


The native recipes vary in this region of Portugal. The closer to the coast, you will find fresh seafood dishes are a staple. Most of the fruits and vegetables are grown locally. The closer to the mountains you travel, the more meat you will find in the dishes. Agriculture and seafood are staples in the economy of Portugal. Each region has its own unique cuisine including local ways of seasoning and preparing their dishes. Area wines have a tasty appeal to visitors and some hotels have their own wine cellars.


Algarve Portugal Holidays are exceptional because they have accommodations for most all budgets. The hotels in Algarve range from budget rooms to luxury suites. There are beach front hotels that offer spas, swimming pools, restaurants, golf courses. and tennis courts. There are hotels in Algarve that are family oriented with children game rooms and other types of family focused activities on the site. Most of the hotels are located near cities and the more populated areas.

Another type of accommodation offered is the traditional guesthouse. The stay in a guesthouse is generally found in smaller towns and villages along the coast. This type of accommodation will appeal to those visitors who are more budget minded or may want a more secluded getaway. There has been a growing appeal in booking a guesthouse with the UK and other European visitors.


Flying to Algarve is the best way to get there and cheap flights to Faro airport are available. To get the lowest cost, it requires planning and booking ahead, but round trip economy tickets can be had at well under 100 pounds if you are staying 7 to 14 days. Most times the cheap flights to Faro airport are in off season holiday times and can vary from airport to airport.

Area transportation is another part of the holiday planning. There are many types of transportation options available when you arrive. The cheapest is shared travel much like a public bus. It is also the least flexible, as they work on their own schedule and have luggage restrictions.

If you are traveling with a large group, scheduling a private coach with driver is a more flexible alternative and the cost can be divided among the riders. For those who have a large budget, you may want to consider hiring a limousine with all of the amenities including unlimited luggage with golf clubs. The smart traveler will book transportation before they arrive. Leasing a private car is limited to those who have a Portugal drivers license.

Consider Algarve, one of Europe’s favorite go-to holiday hot spots, for your next getaway and take advantage of its excellent climate, tasty cuisine, and beautiful beaches. Thank you for booking your Faro Airport Transfers with and come back to read the Faro Airport Transfers Blog again soon!

Algarve Portugal Holidays