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Algarve Race Track

The Algarve of Portugal is a jewel that shines in the southernmost region of the country. Records show that the Algarve has existed since the Sixth Century BC, at least.
The Algarve is made up of 16 municipalities, each offering something special for any visitor. The Algarve is the most popular tourist destination in Portugal, receiving almost ten million visitors annually.

The city of Faro is home to the Algarve Airport. This is a first-class facility that is located outside of the city and approximately 7km from the historic center of town. The airlines that use this facility offer competitive prices from all locations. There are cheap flights to Faro Airport all year long, but of course, the cheapest flights are offered during the low season, from November through February. This is great for those tourists looking to spend some quality time enjoying the winter sun. A direct flight from the UK and some other European locations take approximately just under three hours.

Another feature at the airport is the private airport transfers available. It is recommended that reservations for these private airport transfers are made in advance so that the best accommodations are made available to the patron or group. The transportation provided depends upon the size of your group, the amount of baggage and other gear there is to be, and the locale of your final destination. There are also special arrangements made if a baby is included in the group. You will be met upon your arrival, and your luggage handled for you. Your driver will be able to answer questions as to where to eat, shop and stay during your visit.

The hotels in Algarve can compete with other world class locations in providing places to stay during your visit. The Algarve can boast of the most beautiful high-resorts to the classic guest houses found in the smaller villages and townships. Provisions for the stay can be provided by hotels in the Algarve, as well as arrangements for the budget-minded. The Algarve has it all when looking out for the comfort of their visitors.

Well, the history, travel provisions, and places to stay have been addressed, so now it is time to find out what the Algarve has to offer along the lines of things to do during your visit. One of the fascinating factors in taking a vacation is being able to enjoy the foods of your vacation spot of choice. If you like seafood, fresh as it can possibly be, fresh fruit and a menu that is competitive with any other, you have come to the right place. If you like to take in the atmosphere, the cafe scene on the Algarve will more than fit the bill. Visitors and locals alike enjoy just spending time relaxing and soaking up the ambiance these cafes have to offer.

Enough cannot be said about the beaches on the southern and western regions of the Algarve. If you like sunning, surfing, scuba diving and just getting that beautiful tan, you will be more than satisfied. The beaches on the western Atlantic coast are less busy than those on the southern coastline. If you enjoy surfing then the west coast of the Algarve is for you, but if you enjoy a quieter place where you can just relax in the sun or enjoy a swim then the southern coast is your locale of choice.

Last, but certainly not least are the sporting events held in the Algarve. Football, both men’s and women’s teams have events held there. The Algarve is known worldwide for its superior golf courses. There are over twenty-five first class courses, most of which have been laid out by legendary names in the sport. The Algarve has become one of Europe’s top golf locations.

You cannot possibly discuss the Algarve without including the Algarve Race Track. This facility opened in 2008 and has been going strong since. The complex includes; a karting track, technology park, a five-star hotel, a sports complex, and apartments. It accommodates one hundred thousand spectators and this includes a VIP tower with fifteen thousand seats.

Since it opened it has entertained some of the finest world class events in racing. Names like LeMans, Grand Prix, Superbike Championships, FIA GT, Formula One have been associated with the Algarve Race Track. It has been acclaimed by none other than Max Mosely, the former president of the FIA, a nonprofit association that represents the interest of motoring organizations and car users worldwide. This facility is located in the municipality of Portimao and is known as the Algarve International Circuit.

One of the pleasures of going to a place such as the Algarve is being able to explore the area and investigate its offerings. To describe/list all that the Algarve in Portugal has to offer would be equal to writing a book. Sometimes the things we enjoy the most are those that we discover. Thank you for visiting the Faro Airport Transfers Blog.

Algarve Race Track