Magnificent Beaches In Algarve

Magnificent Beaches In Algarve
The Algarve is a coastal region in southern Portugal. It has some of the finest beaches in Europe. It combines spectacular stretches of white sand a Mediterranean climate, peaceful atmosphere and wonderful waves. The magnificent beaches in Algarve are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, water sports and a host of family-oriented activities. There are also many romantic beaches where couples can stroll hand in hand and enjoy spectacular sunsets. Getting to Algarve is a breeze, there are many cheap flights to Faro airport. Plus, there are great, affordable hotels in Algarve. It’s a fabulous place to holiday.

Many Great Beaches

There are over 150 magnificent beaches in Algarve. They provide the ideal setting for any type of activity a visitor desires. The following are some of the best ones.

Praia da Marinha

Known for its picturesque orangey-brown limestone rock stacks, this beach is one of Algarve’s most popular. Its silky sands, gentle waters and stunning sunrises and sunsets with the limestone stacks in the background, make it a favorite for people looking to take breathtaking photographs. Families love Praia da Marinha because it’s a great place to relax and have fun. It’s considered one of Europe’s best beaches.

Praia da Falésia

Nestled against stunning white and ochre cliffs, this 3 kilometer-long beach is a strip of sand that runs in a straight line along the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The entire area is surrounded by tropical pines, rocky cliffscapes and seaside plants. People love strolling along this impressive beach. Visitor fall in love with this beach from the time they get their first glimpse of it. Praia da Falésia with its fantastic vistas and kaleidoscope of color is a favorite of painters, botanists and runners.

Praia de Odeceixe

Families, hikers and geologists all love this tongue of sand flanked by imposing jagged schist cliffs at the mouth of a peaceful river and bordering the rolling waves of the ocean. There’s a surf school, the gorgeous village of Odeceixe and a charming country road creating an idyllic scene around this beach on Portugal’s southwestern tip. Small children often frolic in gently flowing river while teens tackle the waves of this incredibly beautiful beach. Taking one of the private transfers from Faro can get you to this great place to spend the day in mere minutes.

Meia Praia

For seafood lovers, backpackers, people looking for a great place to party and families that want to have fun, this 4 kilometer beach is the ideal place. Nearby Lagos is a lively town famous for its surfer parties, excellent seafood restaurants and great bars. Plus, this vast beach offers lots of sun, sand and shade trees for visitors to relax, lounge on the waters edge and take a nap while the children play and have fun. Lagos also boast some of the most affordable, accommodating hotels in Algarve.

Ilha de Tavira

Located on Algarve’s eastern coast, Ilha de Tavira is a beach known for its sand islands and estuaries. Part of Parque Natural Ria de Formosa, the area features a large bird and marine life habitat. Just offshore is a group of spectacular island beaches that are easily accessible by boat. The beach at Ilha de Tavira is 11 kilometers long, very wide and has campsites and holiday rentals nearby. It also has a lagoon, an anchor cemetery, countless bars, diverse birdlife and a nudist zone. There’s something for everyone from toddlers to birdwatchers to people who just want to have fun.

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Magnificent Beaches In Algarve