Surfing In Algarve Portugal

Surfing In Algarve Portugal
Surfing in Algarve Portugal
is a major tourist and local activity. You will be able to find cheap flights to Faro airport and stay in hotels in Algarve. Tourists can take airport transfers services and enjoy the area. Serious water sports enthusiasts take to the water. Whether you enjoy surfing hollow beach breaks or thumping reef breaks you will find the waters never disappoint. In addition to some serious surf, surfing in Algarve Portugal also features gentle while water rolling waves for novice surfers and families who want to enjoy a little surf.

Tourists find cheap flights to faro airport check in to hotels in Algarve and hit the beaches for some of the best surf. The Algarve is at the southernmost point of Portugal. Why is this important to know? Being located at the point means there is south and western facing coast line. This prime location allows the coastline to pick up swells off of the Atlantic on either side. Never worry about missing out on a premium surfing experience. If you are out on the water and experiencing frequent lulls in wind and surf you can just hop in your car and make the quick drive to the other side of the coastline for more favorable wind and surf conditions.

Surfing Algarve Portugal

The beaches of Lagos are only about thirty minutes from Algarve’s downtown cultural center. Lagos has consistent and substantial beaches all along the Algarve’s west coast which makes it ideal for those seeking decent surf while remaining relatively close to town. Another area that consists of beach breaks that produce medium sizes southerly surf swells is Sagres. Sagres is on the south western tip of Portugal and is a major fishing town in the Algarve. This is a quiet town that is accommodated by airport transfers services but there is not much else to do here unless you are only in the area to surf and enjoy the beaches. Lodging starts at about €20 a night in local guest houses for room rentals. The western coast of the Algarve is speckled with quaint beach towns and also features some amazing surf.

Now that you have discovered what the beaches have to offer and how the surf conditions are you should consider the surf board. If you do not plan on bringing your own board there are surf board rental options in the Algarve. Novice surfers can sign up to take lessons at the longest run surf school in the area; Surf Experience. Surf Experience is located in Lagos and those enrolled will learn the basics of surfing and will be provided with surfing basics. Surf schools provide foam mini-Malibu surfboards and wetsuits. The benefit of enrolling in surf school is the knowledge that will shared from the instructors. Locals who instruct surfing classes will be able to notify their students of some of the best and less known surf spots. Those who surf quite a bit and do not have a need for any kind of instruction should consider bringing two surf boards with for their vacation Algarve. There are some areas of coast that could break a surf board. One area known for board breaking rocks is the Arrifana Reef.

When surfing the Algarve you will quickly notice a mid-day lull in surfing. About one to two hours prior to high tide some of the best spots will be nearly over crowded by those trying to catch a wave. While you may catch a mid-day break occasionally it is not always consistent. When surfing and visiting the beaches it is important to remember to respect the locals and their culture. Learning a few Portuguese phrases will also help. The Sagres surfing region has been known to experience some resistance from locals towards surfers who travel in large groups and are disrespectful to the beaches and locals; a little respect and appreciation can go a long way.

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Surfing In Algarve Portugal