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Traditional Food In Algarve

Those living in and traveling to the Algarve will experience some of the best regional cuisine. After you book cheap flights to Faro airport and find lodging at one of the many hotels in Algarve you will take airport to hotel transfers and get settled in to start your stay. Many hotels in Algarve have on-site dining options that feature traditional food in Algarve. The Algarve is a region at the southernmost point of Portugal. With many quaint fishing towns dotting the coastline it is no wonder why many of the dishes include seafood.

Breakfasts typically consist of fresh juice and a warm beverage like coffee, tea or hot cocoa. Locals also enjoy eating fresh bread that is accompanied by ham, cheese, jams and butter. Pastries are also a common choice for breakfast in the Algarve area and throughout most of Portugal. Lunch typically lasts an hour to two hours and features many local options. Most meals include seafood but one that is extremely popular is the Couvert. Couvert is meal comprised of a crispy and thinly cut loaf of bread, a bowl of olives, some sardine paté and cheese or cheese spread. Marinated carrots are also often added to the Couvert. The carrots are referred to as Zanahorias al estilo del Algarve. These carrots are boiled with vinegar, oil, garlic, oregano and a little bit of cumin. Prongs are also a favorite in Algarve; they are made with a creamy tomato garlic butter sauce and served as appetizers.

Snacks in the Algarve consist of two popular sandwiches. One is made with pork that is sautéed and put on a roll and the other is a vegetarian snack comprised of cheese and bread. The pork snack is called Bifana. The cheese sandwich and the vegetable soup, also known as sopa de legumes, are delicious and popular vegetarian snacks. The soup is a potato based soup that is blended with vegetables. Visitors seeking a sweet snack will enjoy the pastel de nata. This custard tart is popular to the region and absolutely delicious.

Dinner in the Algarve consists mostly of fish. Cod is especially local to the region and many popular dinner dishes include this delicious and fresh caught fish. Bacalhau à Brás is a shredded and salted cod fish dish. Potatoes, scrambled eggs, onions and olives are additional ingredients to this local favorite. Portuguese food common to the Algarve is typically simple and includes a meat or a fish that may have a sauce and then simple side dishes such as rice or potatoes and a salad are most commonly found. Another local comfort food to the area is Cataplana, this seafood stew is very popular with the locals. The basic recipe includes firm and well seasoned white fish, potatoes, seafood, tomatoes, onions, peppers and a hint of chilli.

Traditional food in Algarve is available in all coastal and village regions as well as fun alterations on classic favorites can be found at upscale resorts. When you take your airport to hotel transfers you can ask the driver for their suggestions on the best local restaurants. Getting out and trying what the locals enjoy will help to enrich your experience while in the Algarve. In addition to the wonderful local food selections the region is rich with local wines as well. By searching travel sites and saving by booking cheap flights to Faro airport travelers will be able to splurge on the many excellent restaurants and activities the Algarve has to offer.

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Traditional Food In Algarve