Visit Monchique In Algarve, Portugal

Vista of Monchique, Algarve, Portugal.

Portugal is one of the UK’s oldest partners. This partnership dates back to the 14th century. The Anglo-Portuguese cooperation has seen each of the two parties show up for each other in time of need. It is still in effect. As a tourist destination, Portugal is one of the favorite all year surfing havens in the world. More than two million visitors from the UK go to Portugal every year.

There is something for everyone. This includes spectacular beaches, a rich cultural and religious history, plush islands and beautiful cities.

The Algarve region in the south is particularly attractive to foreign tourists. More than seven million foreigners visit the region every year and not only for its weather. It is a top rated golf destination in Europe. The Portuguese government has made concerted and strategic efforts to promote the destination. Numerous hotels in Algarve cater to visitors.

The administrative center of the province of Algarve is Faro. It hosts Faro Airport as well as the University of Algarve. The municipality of Monchique in Algarve offers a serene experience away from the bustle of the cities and coastal life. You can get cheap flights to Faro airport. From there you can book transfers to Monchique, take the bus or a taxi.

The best way to travel from in Algarve from Faro to Monchique is by car. The view of the countryside is inviting. The air is a little thinner and fresh.


Why should you visit Monchique in Algarve? To explore numerous attractions that will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. You can test the famed healing properties of the alluring hot water springs at the Spring of Monchique. You can also pamper yourself with a hot spring bath or head to the health spa. This has numerous health benefits for those with rheumatism and respiratory conditions.

The villages of Alferce present stunning ancient architecture. You can also view the ruins of medieval fortresses set in an eclectic countryside. The Monchique hills offer a breathtaking panoramic view of the open sea and rolling hills. Monchique is a craft town. You can find hand-made wicker baskets, kitchenware, fabrics and scissor chairs. Enjoy medronho, a heady liqueur made from local berries.

Local cuisine includes delicacies made from rice, beans, pork, honey, and ham. Take a walk through the leafy wooded forests and discover the ruins of Our Lady of Exile, an old abandoned convent. Similarly, you will find the Santa Teresa Chapel quite enchanting. Climb to the top of Mount Foia, which stands at over nine hundred meters, and enjoy an unparalleled view of the hillsides as well as the town below.

Don’t forget to pack some extra clothing when going up the Foia. It can get quite cold up there. You can get there on foot, cycle or take a jeep. Some of the favorite activities for tourists include canoeing, hiking, and cycling. The countryside enjoys a diverse plant ecosystem. This includes trees such as mimosa, pine, oaks, orange, chestnut, and eucalyptus.

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Where To Stay & Eat

Accommodation consists of guest houses, villas, inns, bed and breakfasts and full hotels. Some of these include the Viewpoint of the Sierra, Quinta das Relvinhas guesthouse, Bela Vista Bed & Breakfast, Vilafoia guesthouse and Villa Vina among others. Some of the favorite eateries include the O Luar da Fóia, A Charrete, Restaurante O Parque and the Ó Chá Lá teahouse.

Visit Monchique in Algarve and revel in relaxation, remarkable scenery, and plenty of action. You can book numerous operators for quick transfers to Monchique from Faro Airport. Prepare to enjoy beautiful scenery, rolling hills, geothermal springs and health spas, and jaw-dropping views from the peak of Mount Foia. Monchique remains one of the best-kept secrets in southern Portugal.

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Visit Monchique In Algarve, Portugal