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Visit Praia Da Luz In Algarve Portugal

Basking in the luxurious Mediterranean sun, where azure skies meet the sparkling sea, Praia da Luz Algarve, Portugal promises to make any holiday memorable. Praia da Luz, the “Beach of Light,” provides the quiet interludes of a seaside town, but it is only 5km from the historic famed city of Lagos, for those who desire a more vibrant and diverse night life.

Getting to Praia da Luz Algarve is now affordable. One can find cheap flights to Faro airport, which serves Lagos and Praia da Luz, from London. With a flight of less than three hours and at a cost beginning at £65 pounds, escaping the frantic pulse of daily activities and reaching a relaxing destination is within grasp. Although the distance between Faro and Praia da Luz is approximately 95 km, buses, trains, and taxis do provide reliable modes of transportation. Although public transportation between the airport and Praia da Luz is available, a private service provides a more efficient means of travel to any of the destinations in Algarve.

Those who enjoy the outdoors and beautiful weather will not be disappointed with the breathtaking views of unspoiled beaches from Faro to Sagres. Holiday seekers can indulge in sunbathing, surfing, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, or biking. In addition, the cool waters in the Algarve, dominated by the Atlantic Ocean, offer a respite from the dry hot summer weather. Once primarily a fishing village, Praia da Luz now hosts a network of British ex-patriots and visitors who crave the slower pace in close proximity of Lagos. The relaxing atmosphere of Praia da Luz Algarve embraces visitors. Restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops near the beach have become a magnet for those wishing to bask in the sun. With almost twice the sunlight per year as London, Praia da Luz offers tourists the best of its weather during the months of June, July, and August.

Besides an excursion to Lagos, a pre-historic town and the former, famed, Roman city of Ossonoba, with its narrow and cobbled streets, town squares, museums, shops, and restaurants, the lure of Praia Dona Ana’s cliffs, sands, and clear water brings many guests to Lagos’s beach. Across the harbor, Meia Praia, another favorite beach, offers the enchantment of almost 5km of sandy shorelines. For beach lovers, Praia do Pinhão, Praia da Batata, Porto de Mos, and Praia do Camilo also offer destinations worthy of exploration. Surfers, from all over the world, however, travel to the western edge of Algarve to Sagres, which boasts of the best surfing in Portugal.

After a day filled with hiking, swimming, or exploring, one cannot ignore the delights of local cuisine.  With Praia da Luz’s location near the sea, the obvious choice of meals includes various types of seafood, especially grilled. Using cod fish (Bacalhau) for a base, one can experience the popular and unique dishes such as shredded, salted cod with onions, scrambled eggs, potatoes and olives; or baked cod fish with cream and onions. Perhaps a seafood stew, Cataplana, might entice those wishing to enjoy a specialty dish. Of course, shellfish is also very popular ingredient in dishes such as razor clam rice and a seafood bread casserole, tuna, octopus, sardines, and squid comprise main dishes. Bifana, or sauteed pork, is a snack one can eat on the run or a pastel de Nata (custard tart) will help satisfy one’s sweet tooth.

A variety of accommodations await visitors. Hostels exist for the active or the relaxing guest. Villas provide more privacy, and superior hotels in Algarve offer the amenities found in many other locations. Whether one desires a luxurious suite in a four-star hotel on the beach or one prefers a quaint bed & breakfast, the Algarve can accommodate everyone’s preference. For those staying in Praia da Luz, most accommodations are within walking distance to its beach and the protection of the bay.

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Visit Praia Da Luz In Algarve Portugal